Tea to support healthy digestion

The digestive process is arguably the most important process of the human body. It manages the food we ingest, breaking it down so as nutrients can be converted into their simplest form for energy, growth and repair. The digestive system is often referred to as the powerhouse of the body, as every single function of the human body requires energy.

As a naturopath, I recommend taking a holistic approach to your health, understanding that the health of each organ and each system has an influence on the overall state of wellbeing. Nothing works in isolation and everything is connected.

The effect the digestive system has on the rest of the body is extensive, and so it is hugely important to take care of the digestive system to ensure optimum overall health. What we eat and how we eat are two key factors that contribute to how our digestive system functions. There are many challenges to optimum digestion including the foods we eat, as food quality is not the same as it once was. Overfarming has lead to nutrient depleted soil, increased use of pesticides and chemicals, and longer transportation and storage times. Overconsumption of heavily processed and low nutrient foods, has lead to complications for our digestive system, and has left us needing more support than ever before. A wholesome and healthy diet, inclusive of fresh, wholesome, plant-based foods, and plenty of clean water is essential. The way we eat is also a key factor in the way your body will be able to process nutrients. Eating slowly, chewing food properly and enjoying a meal in a calm space, is essential to optimum digestion.

There are a huge range of common digestive issues that people face each day, from indigestion and food allergies, to bloating and dysbiosis, Many of these challenges are obvious, but there are also many of which we are not fully aware of. Many chronic diseases can begin from a state of poor digestive health and good digestive function is a prerequisite for our overall health. If you are seeking holistic support for your digestive health, herbal teas offer an enjoyable and accessible option, to add to your daily routine as they can provide support not only for the digestive system, but also for the entire body. Our Digestive tea has been designed to offer support for the digestive system and is based on certified organic and caffeine free herbs.

Why is tea good for digestion?

Herbal tea offers a combination of natural herbs which have traditionally been used to help heal the digestive tract, reduce inflammation and support healthy digestive processes.

Herbal tea provides the opportunity for us to bring these herbs into our diet each day, not only providing us with an enjoyable ritual, but also potentially offering many therapeutic benefits.

The important thing to look for in herbal teas, is that you choose a tea that is certified organic, meaning it hasn’t been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides, as these sprays will then be infused in your teacup or teapot and consumed. By choosing certified organic tea, you can ensure your tea is free from these harmful sprays and chemicals, which can have negative effects on your health. By bringing a range of herbs into your diet, you are able to help support digestive function and work towards better health and optimum wellbeing.

Which tea is good for digestion?

Our naturopath has designed a specific range of certified organic herbal tea blends, which can offer support for your digestive system.

Some of these blends include:

Digestive tea

Peppermint tea

Chamomile tea

Caffeine Free Chai

The Love Tea range is Certified Organic, Fairly traded, completely biodegradable and hand packed in Melbourne. You can read further about the teas we recommend for digestion here.