Gifting mindfully, from a place of care for the recipient and the planet. For your convenience, we have carefully curated a selection of ethical and sustainable gift ideas, which you can find below.

In addition to our range of our most popular Loose Leaf Tea and Pyramid Tea Bags, included in our gift guide are our Gift packs which offer a range of four different teas beautifully presented in a custom made gift pack. Love Tea Canisters for elegant and practical storage. A wide range of handcrafted ceramics such as Hasami, Yumiko and our very own Love Tea Ceramics. Finally, for those you are unsure of what to get, give the perfect gift with a Love Tea gift card.

Love Tea Gift Packs

We have carefully selected four certified organic, loose leaf tea blends, offering a complete gift, for any tea lover. The custom made gift packs are crafted with care from recycled card and can easily be recycled or composted as needed. A generous space on the back of the gift box has been allocated for you to add a note, for a more personal touch. Each gift is put together by hand, with a great deal of love and care by us.

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Our most loved teas

Sometimes it can be hard to decide on what tea is right for you. Whether you choose to wake up with a warming English Breakfast, spice up the morning with one of our aromatic Chai Teas, or wind down with a comforting Sleep Tea, there’s something for everyone.

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Love Tea Canisters

We have a range of quality ceramic canisters, featuring engraved bamboo lids which protect the tea with an airtight seal. This elegant and practical storage solution is finished with brewing instructions to guide you through the tea preparation process. These canisters also arrive tea filled.

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Digital Gift Cards

Tea offers a wholesome and thoughtful gift, well suited to people of any age and stage of life. For those who are unsure of which tea to gift, our digital gift card offers the recipient the opportunity to make their own personal selection.

Simply choose your preferred gift card design and select your desired amount. Along with your personalised message, your digital gift card will be emailed directly to the recipient’s inbox, on the day of your choosing. The gift card will never expire, so your loved one can take their time to select products best suited to them.

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We have a wide range of handcrafted ceramics that are perfect for Christmas gifting. Artisans such as HasamiYumiko and our very own Love Tea Ceramics are beautiful options to consider.

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