Nourishing rituals for all who mother

Mother's Day Gift Guide

We are celebrating motherhood through gifts of comfort and care, gifts that invite mothers to grant themselves moments of serenity, just as they care for others. This is a call to pause, nurture oneself, and establish nourishing rituals. Kindly note that we offer complimentary gift wrapping.

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Gift Packs

We offer a range of carefully curated gift packs reflecting the true essence of gifting: to share and connect with the ones we love. These custom-made gift packs are crafted from recycled cards and can easily be recycled or home-composted. A generous space on the back of the gift box has been allocated for you to add a note for a more personal touch.

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Tea Pots and Cups

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Discover our selection of elevated tea accessories to bring joy to daily rituals.

Tea cups and pots

Now available with Pyramid Tea Bags

Ceramic Canisters

Love Tea ceramic tea canisters provide an elegant and practical storage solution for your chosen blend. They are designed to prolong the life of your tea, by providing an airtight seal and protection from light, and are also a perfect gifting option.

Ceramic Canisters

Tea Accessories

Small yet meaningful

These easy to use practical and elegant infusers can be used to brew your favourite loose leaf teas. They are made from stainless steel to ensure durability and come in three variations allowing you to select the perfect design to match your preferred brewing technique.

Tea accessoires

Individual Tea

Our most loved teas

Sometimes it can be hard to decide on what tea is right for you. Whether you choose to wake up with a warming English Breakfast, spice up the morning with one of our aromatic Chai Teas, or wind down with a comforting Sleep Tea, there’s something for everyone.

Our most loved teas

Let them choose

Digital Gift Cards

For those who are unsure of which tea to gift, our digital gift card offers the recipient the opportunity to make their own personal selection.

Simply choose your preferred gift card design and select your desired amount. Along with your personalised message, your digital gift card will be emailed directly to the recipient’s inbox, on the day of your choosing. The gift card will never expire, so your loved one can take their time to select products best suited to them.

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