The Magic of Winter

There is so much beauty in looking at winter as a wonderful opportunity to nourish ourselves and take care of our health.

When we shift our mindset away from surviving winter, to truly embrace this special season, we begin to see it as an opportunity to thrive.

We can enjoy the slower pace of winter, preparing nutritious and grounding wholefoods, sharing slow meals with loved ones, spending time together and truly celebrating all that comes with this special time of year. As we welcome winter, we are provided with an opportunity to go within, to give back to our health and enjoy a slower pace.

To me, this is the true magic of winter.

One of the many gifts of winter, is the space and time that comes with the slower season.

This offers a wonderful opportunity to reassess and to go within. To step back and reflect.  To reflect on our lives, our values, our relationships, our goals and dreams – the many things that we simply push to the side because life is busy.

Time for mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness and meditation practices can help support our health year-round, no matter the season, but winter is a wonderful time to begin a new practice, re-establish a practice that you haven’t done for sometime or add to an existing one. The gift of this practice is that you can see clearly – without distraction. You can make it your own, practicing wherever and whenever suits you best. Meditation and mindfulness practices can be enjoyed whilst moving or still, while waiting in traffic or at a store, or simply when walking. It can become a regular daily ritual or 5 minutes of simple breath work, a practice tailored and personalised to you and your needs.

The benefits of spending time outdoors

The cooler seasons can place added pressure on our immune system, as we often spend more time indoors in closer proximity to others, with less fresh air circulating through the home or work.

The value of spending time in the outdoors is often underestimated and is essential to supporting our immune health throughout winter.

Exercise often gets pushed to the side through the cooler months, with a preference to stay indoors. But the body’s needs for exercise are no different than during the warmer months. When we reduce our exercise, we risk stagnation, which can have a negative effect on our health. By moving our body, we help support detoxification, endorphin release, and reduce the risk of illness. We also generate internal heat which makes you feel warmer. As simple as it sounds, one of the best things you can do to support your immune system and to remain grounded throughout winter, is to rug up, head outside, embrace the fresh air and reconnect with nature.


The healing power of plants

By introducing more herbs and spices to our meals, seasonal fruit and vegetables and fresh juices, we can support our health naturally with our diet.
There are so many amazing herbs we can bring into our diet to support us through winter. Echinacea, turmeric, ginger, chilli, pepper, marshmallow, elderberry, rose hip, and licorice, all hold wonderful health benefits.

Echinacea has traditionally been used to support cellular immunity, helping modulate the immune system, working to help prevent illness from occurring in the first place, or simply to support the body through an illness.
Some of our teas that contain Echinacea are Immunity, Respiratory and Skin Glow

Ginger has traditionally been used to support healthy digestion, reduce inflammation throughout the body and offers powerful antioxidant activity. Ginger has also traditionally been used for both acute and chronic conditions, to help treat arthritis, nausea, joint pain, fungal, viral and bacterial infections. It can offer circulatory support, and has warming, stimulating properties.
Some of our teas that contain Ginger are Ginger tea, Dandelion Chai and Caffeine free chai

Turmeric helps reduce inflammation, supports circulation and has powerful antioxidant properties. Pepper enhances the absorption of the curcumin in turmeric, strengthening the benefits of turmeric, and also supports digestive function, offering a warming and naturally stimulating properties.Ginger offers anti-inflammatory benefits, supports circulation and aids digestive function.

Some of our teas that contain Turmeric are Turmeric Tea, Honey Spice Chai, Vegan Spice Chai and Respiratory

When we tune into the natural rhythms of nature, we align ourselves with the season and we connect with our environment.
When we live in harmony with nature, embracing each season for its unique qualities, we set ourselves up to remain grounded and connected to ourselves, those around us and our mother earth.

Happy Winter,
Emma xx



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