Peppermint Tea

A popular choice from our Herbal Tea range – find out if our Peppermint tea is right for you.

You will love our Peppermint tea if,

you enjoy a refreshing caffeine free herbal tea that has a soothing mint flavour profile.

What is Peppermint tea good for?

Peppermint tea has long been used for its therapeutic benefits. Peppermint has traditionally been used to treat a wide range of ailments including nausea, indigestion and bloating. Sourced directly from a cooperative in Egypt, this tea has a refreshing, delicate and cooling flavour, perfect served either hot or cold.

peppermint tea ingredients

What is in our Peppermint Tea?

Our Peppermint tea contains only certified organic, fairly-traded peppermint leaf. This is sourced directly from a community cooperative in Egypt and then hand packed with care by us in Victoria, Australia.

Does Peppermint tea actually settle an upset stomach?

For many people, Peppermint tea offers support in reducing digestive complaints, and soothing an upset stomach. It can be enjoyed before or after a meal to aid the digestive process, while also helping us stay hydrated.


How much tea should I drink?

To experience its benefits, we recommend drinking 1-3 cups per day. This blend can be enjoyed anytime of day or night, as it is caffeine free.

What is our packaging made from?

The clear pouch that holds our Peppermint Tea is not made from plastic. It is made from a renewable plant-based cellophane, which can also easily be home composted and will break down in a few short months if composted correctly.

The cardboard is made from post-consumer recycled board, is printed with vegetable-based inks and can also be home composted after use where it will break down in a few short months if composted correctly.

Our pyramid tea bags are also not made from plastic. They are made from a biodegradable, non-GMO, plant-based material called Soilon, which meets all compostability standards in Japan, North America and Europe. However it is important to note, they will definitely take longer than other compost items to decompose. The material manufacturers recommend commercial composting as a quicker alternative to address this longer time of breakdown.

If you are looking for the most environmentally friendly option, we will always recommend drinking loose leaf tea.

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