Hibiscus Berry and Orange

A natural fruity herbal tea, free from any artificial flavours offering a healthy and refreshing iced tea option

This refreshing blend of herbs and berries provides a natural zesty and subtle fruity herbal blend. Hibiscus, goji and amla berry have traditionally been used for their high antioxidant content and are balanced with licorice and fennel which have traditionally been used to support digestive function. Although it can be brewed hot, this blend makes the perfect iced tea, served chilled on ice, with fresh fruit and garnishes.

Why was Hibiscus Berry and Orange created?

We have long received customer requests for a ‘fruity’ tea and have designed this blend to meet that need. Unfortunately most fruity teas on the market contain sweeteners and artificial flavours in order to achieve their desired flavour profile. With our new Hibiscus Berry and Orange tea we created a refreshing, zesty and subtly sweet blend, with only certified organic berries and herbs.

“A natural fruity herbal tea, free from any artificial flavours offering a healthy and refreshing iced tea option”

Emma Watson – Founder Naturopath

Who was Hibiscus Berry and Orange designed for?

Anyone who enjoys a refreshing fruity herbal tea but without the additives or artificial sweeteners that are often in “fruity” blends. We also designed this blend with summer days in mind, it makes the perfect iced tea blend. Simply brew the tea following the instructions on the pack, cool in the fridge and once cool serve over ice with your chosen garnishes.

What are the key ingredients of Hibiscus Berry and Orange?

HibiscusHibiscus Sabdariffa
Hibiscus offers a zesty and subtle fruity flavour and is widely consumed for its high antioxidant properties. It is also a natural source of vitamin C.

Goji BerryLycium barbarum
Goji Berries have been used in traditional chinese medicine for thousand of years. They contain vitamin C and antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory qualities.

Amla BerryEmblica Officinalis
Commonly reffered to as Indian Gooseberry, Amla Berry is one of the highest sources of vitamin C. It has nearly 20x the vitamin C content found in oranges and is rich in amino acids and minerals. It has also traditionally been used for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Orange PeelCitrus Sinensis
Use for the first time in a Love Tea blend, Orange Peel contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory benefits.