Love Tea Chai Set



Product Description

This combination of chai tea, strainer and a ceramic mug is the perfect addition to your Love Tea collection or to share as a gift. This set provides you with all the tools to prepare and enjoy chai at home.

The following items are included in this chai set:

  1. Your choice of chai tea
  2. Chai strainer
  3. 1x Ceramic chai mug


You can choose your preferred chai product from our range of six chai blends.

Chai Strainer
This strainer has a convenient side handle and separate lid which also doubles as a strainer holder to avoid spills.

Chai Mug
Our Chai Mug is lovingly made by hand from stoneware clay and fired with a matte finish white glaze. This mug is perfect for enjoying your favourite chai or teas brewed at lower temperatures, such as white or green tea.

Ceramic conducts heat easily so we recommend only using this cup for blends brewed below 80ºC.

Please note, this bundle does not come in any gift packaging. Each piece will be carefully packed into our small shipping box for protection during transport.

available for orders between $1 - $2,000