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This tea pot is hand made in Japan, in a style known as Hagi Yaki, which is said to be some of the highest quality tea ceremony pottery from Japan.

A unique characteristic of Hagi Yaki is the soft feeling of the pottery. Amongst tea ceremony aficionados, this texture is referred to as tsuchi aji, or the‘feel of the earth’and is a highly-appreciated aspect of Hagi yaki. Whilst keeping the effects of the glaze in mind, the three varieties of earth outlined below are prepared and mixed in various ways to produce the clay needed for Hagi yaki. Based on the desired outcome of the finished piece, earths from near the Matsumoto and Fukawa potteries are also included in the mix.

Before use, ensure that you soak the Hagi Yaki ware in water for half a day and allow it to air-dry fully. This will lengthen the useful life of the piece/s. Depending on the nature of the clay, liquid may leak during the first usage. If this problem continues, pour a thick matcha tea solution into the Hagi ware and allow it to sit in the pottery for a day before washing it out. After use, wash well with water by hand. After wiping it, allow the Hagi ware to air-dry fully before storing it.

160 × 160 × 100 mm

Capacity: 360ml

There may be slightly colour variations.

Handmade in Japan.

available for orders between $1 - $2,000