What is Raspberry Leaf tea?


Raspberry leaf tea is very popular and recommended for the third trimester of pregnancy by many naturopaths and midwives. Raspberry leaf tea is commonly consumed as it can help with a mother’s preparation for birth in the third trimester of pregnancy. Raspberry leaf has been traditionally used during the later stages of pregnancy to strengthen and tone the uterus, in preparation for childbirth. Raspberry leaf is nutrient rich, and can also be taken post birth to help promote healthy recovery. Our Raspberry leaf tea is also caffeine free.

Love Tea’s Raspberry Leaf tea offers a gentle and earthy flavour and is quickly becoming one of our best sellers, as it is hard to find organic raspberry leaf tea without other ingredients in the tea blend

What is raspberry leaf?

Red raspberry leaf or Rubus idaeus is the leaf from the raspberry plant that is native to Europe and northern Asia. The leaf has traditionally been used to strengthen and tonify the uterus.

We source our certified organic Raspberry leaf tea from Bosnia.

When can I start drinking raspberry leaf tea?

Traditionally, raspberry leaf tea has been recommended for late in the third trimester of pregnancy, and also once the baby has been born to support healthy repair of the uterus. Raspberry leaf tea is caffeine free and can be consumed throughout the day or in the evening, and we recommend 1-3 cups per day.

Common concerns with drinking raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf tea has not been linked with inducing labour, or Braxton hicks, nor is it linked with digestive issues, such as constipation.

Raspberry leaf tea vs capsules

Loose leaf tea is a more natural form and a less processed form of the herb, than the capsule form. Just as is the case with all supplements, we believe tea offers a more natural alternative which is far less processed than a supplement form.

Raspberry leaf vs pregnancy tea

We offer both Raspberry leaf tea and Pregnancy tea. The difference is that Pregnancy tea has been designed by our naturopath and is a blend based on herbs which have been carefully selected to offer support during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. Ingredients used in this blend have traditionally been used to support digestive function, nourish the nervous system, and offer a range of minerals and nutrients. This holistic blend offers a delicate floral flavour with tones of mint and ginger. Raspberry leaf tea is not in a blend, but it can be added to the pregnancy tea or a peppermint to, if you prefer to alter the flavour.

How to make raspberry leaf tea:

Place a heaped teaspoon (2 grams) of tea per cup (250ml) into a teapot or infuser. Add filtered water at 75ºc–85ºc and allow to infuse for 3–5+ minutes. Strain the tea and serve.

As with everything during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we have designed our blends to generally be of benefit to most women, but each individual’s state of health is unique, and we trust that the individual will avoid any herbs, tea or ingredients which may not be appropriate for their state of health and well-being.

Where can I buy raspberry leaf?

Love Tea has many incredible stockists that have the raspberry leaf tea available. There is also a detailed stockist locater on our website, which you can find here. You can also purchase the full Love Tea pregnancy range, including our Raspberry leaf tea on our website here.