Wellness is more than an Instagram trend


Emma recently had a discussion with Endeavour Colledge of Natural Health about wellness being more than an Instagram trend.

There are many social media trends that come and go, but optimum health and wellness is a way of living. While social media may be able to offer inspiration towards living a clean, healthy lifestyle, wellness is a lifelong journey and a commitment to a holistic way of living.

Long term health, is not built from short term fads, or by following the latest influencers, or trends. Great health is the result of long term healthy living choices and an understanding of our personal and individual health needs.

This is often where social media can be somewhat deceiving, as much of what we are shown is focussed on quick fixes, single products and fad diets.

Natural medicine works best when weaved through one’s diet to strengthen the body, working with a prevention rather than cure approach to health. By bringing wholefoods, herbs, and healthy living habits into our daily lives, which are natural or close to their natural state, ensures the body is provided with an abundance of wholesome nutrients, which will help the body thrive.

Natural remedies such as herbs and spices, can help support specific systems and can be utilised for their healing properties. At Love Tea, we have designed a range of wellness blends to naturally support specific areas of health. We believe that by drinking herbal teas, or adding spices and herbs to meals, that they can have a powerful long-term effect on our health.