Welcome Autumn


As the seasons change from Summer to Autumn, we reach a time that welcomes change, letting go of the old and allowing room for the new. A time for releasing, moving on and shedding that which no longer serves you, which ultimately leads to rebirth and welcomes new beginnings.

We need to pay attention to the seasonal changes, to ensure we make changes in our daily lives, which reflect that of the seasons. The invigorating energy that summer brings is full of heat, brightness, and movement. Autumn welcomes the transition from this more yang energy to the more cooling, dry, slower energy of yin. What brings you the greatest energy in summer may not be the same in Autumn. The foods that are best for us in warm weather are not as well digested in the cooler weather. The exercise routine you enjoy through summer, may not be the best fit through the cooler weather. Being flexible and accommodating these seasonal shifts will allow your mental, emotional and physical health to reach a harmonious flow.

Autumn is a wonderful time to bring to life the things you have put to the side through the busyness of summer. While summer was full of celebrations and gatherings with loved ones, late nights and early mornings, this new season allows time for you to focus on yourself, listening to your own voice and allowing you a slower paced season in order for you to feel grounded and to be the best you can.

As the yin energy begins to move in and the yang energy of summer begins to shift, the seasons move into a more balanced place, where days are cooler and calmer, which makes it easier for us to feel more balanced within ourselves.

Seasonal change can be seen and felt across all aspects of our lives and our health. From diet and thought patterns, to emotions, lifestyle and even our homes, we need to adjust and flow with the changes around us. This may mean letting go of old habits, clearing out your home or cleaning up your diet, ready to embrace the beauty of Autumn.

Gathering great books you have wanted to read, making your home as comfortable as possible and ensuring your diet changes to include seasonal foods, are all important. Shifting away from the more cooling fruits and salads and embracing more root vegetables, legumes, warming and grounding foods.

Some of the tea blends blends we focus on through Autumn include Detox tea which supports the clearing of toxins and cleansing of the body. Lemongrass and Ginger, as the ginger supports circulation and encourages the movement of nutrients, keeping your vital force flowing.

Vitality tea can also support your health through the seasonal change, as it works to restore vital force and energy production, which may be lacking after the busyness of Summer.

Turmeric tea and Golden Spice are based on the wonderful herb, Turmeric which offers warming and grounding properties to support your health as we step into cooler weather.

Earl Grey tea offers a smooth infusion of bergamot oil, seamlessly balanced with the muscatel tones of Ceylon black tea. This refreshing and vibrant tea will help keep you grounded through the transition of seasons.

So flow with this beautiful time of year and try eating what is in season, as it will always be the freshest and most nutritious option. Listening to your body and making changes to exercise and lifestyle are important to ensure harmonious balance of all systems. Be gentle with yourself and welcome the wonderful changes this new season can bring.

Wishing you health and happiness,