Tea Infusers and Strainers

We love loose leaf tea. The art of brewing loose leaf tea allows you to focus on the present moment and to give back to yourself. The sense of calm and stillness that these moments can bring, allows time for reflection and appreciation. The ingredients used in our loose leaf tea remain as close to their natural state as possible, which ensures the optimum therapeutic benefit and minimal impact on the environment.

We recently launched a new range of premium quality, stainless steel infusers to enhance your loose leaf tea drinking experience. We carefully designed these accessories to support a seamless and simple ritual, of brewing wholesome loose leaf tea. We are passionate about loose leaf tea for many reasons and we hope these elegant accessories make the brewing process a little more enjoyable for you.

How do tea infusers work?

The Love Tea Mug Infuser – Tea infusers for teapots

This practical infuser can be used in a cup, mug, or teapot and also has a convenient lid, which can be used to hold your infuser when you have finished brewing your tea. It offers a convenient option to use at your desk, or to use in a pot when sharing tea with people you love.

The Spring Infuser – Tea Infusers for mugs

This easy to use single serve tea strainer is perfect for brewing tea in a mug. The spring handle opens up the infuser allowing you to add your favourite loose leaf tea for a single serve. Once your tea is brewed, you can simply open the infuser and empty the tealeaves into the compost.

How to clean tea infusers

After you have disposed of the tea leaves into the compost, or onto your garden we recommend washing your infuser by hand in fresh warm water and avoiding detergents where possible.

Are stainless steel tea infusers safe?

We have chosen to use stainless steal, as this is a durable material that is strong won’t rust.

Where to buy tea infusers

Love Tea has many incredible stockists that stock the Spring and Mug infusers, along side a range of our teas. There is also a detailed stockist locator on our website, which you can find here. You can also purchase the full Love Tea range, including our infusers from our website here.

The infusers are a great investment for yourself, or to gift to friends and family this Christmas. Share great tea with people you love.