Spring – A favourite tea for a favourite season

Favourite tea for a favourite season

In the southern hemisphere we have begun our transition into the season of spring. Reflecting on the four seasons, it has reminded us that spring, quite possibly more than any other season, is filled with such an abundance of renewed optimism. As many plants start to blossom and generate new growth, the animals are alive with energy as they collect food, make nests and prepare to welcome their young into the world.

Perhaps, it is the events of the last 6 months, but nonetheless we find this change in season and renewed optimism a welcome reprieve from winter and a reason to celebrate all life on this planet including our very existence. We would also like to share the tea we like to drink this time of year.

In Chinese medicine, the Liver is the organ most focused on through spring, and our Detox tea has been designed to support the detoxification of the liver and to help clear impurities. Spring is a time of cleansing and clearing out the old, so this is a well aligned blend to introduce at this time. If the liver is imbalanced, you may feel your mood shift into a more negative space, where more sluggish, angry or sad emotions may come to the surface. This is a clear indicator that the liver needs support and herbs offer a gentle, yet effective form of support.

Skin Glow tea has been designed to support detoxification, to filter impurities from the skin, and to improve the clearance of toxins, which helps reduce the workload for the skin. This blend offers the skin support through spring, especially after the challenges placed on it through winter.

Our metabolism may be a little sluggish after winter, when our intake of fresh, healthy foods may have slipped, and exercise may have been more of a challenge. Metabolism tea offers natural support for healthy metabolic function, stabilise blood sugar levels, and help curb sugar cravings.

Our digestive function often needs some support after the slower pace of winter. Spring is an ideal time to focus on bringing herbs into our diet that offer support for the digestive system. Many of these herbs can be found in our Digestive tea blend, which works to help support and repair the digestive system, which can, in turn, support the breakdown and absorption of nutrients.

Matcha tea and Green tea offer powerful antioxidants which may have been lacking from dietary sources through winter. These teas contain caffeine, so they are best enjoyed in the morning to ensure we are not overly stimulated before bed.

Vitality tea is also a great tea to enjoy at the beginning of the day. This blend is perfect through spring, as it is based on herbs which have traditionally been used to support energy production, reduce fatigue and support physical endurance. This holistic tonic is perfect to help support your vitality through spring.

Caffeine Free Chai offers an alternative to a black tea based chai, perfect after dinner or before bed. This blend is mineral and antioxidant rich, perfect with or without milk.

Calming tea offers support for the nervous system, to help carry your body through the change in seasons. Herbs used in this blend have traditionally been used to help support the nervous system and help you cope with stress.