Is tea safe for kids to drink?

Is tea safe for kids to drink?

If you have little ones in the house they may be curious about the warm mug of tea you’re sipping before bed. You might find yourself wondering what age is safe for your kids to start drinking tea? The good news is that many types of tea are safe for you to include in your children’s diet.

We recommend many of the teas from our herbal range, as they offer many health benefits and are gentle on the nervous and digestive systems. They also help keep kids hydrated and offer a healthy alternative to a potentially less healthy option such as concentrated or processed fruit juice or hi fructose drinks. We focus on encouraging herbal teas for kids, as these teas work gently to support the individual and do not contain caffeine, which can stimulate their nervous system unnecessarily.

What are the benefits for giving my kids tea?

There are so many benefits of giving your kids herbal tea. The health benefits of drinking tea mostly comes from the amazing herbs and spices used in each blend, which have traditionally been used for their therapeutic qualities. Some of these herbs have traditionally been used to support the digestive system, to help settle an upset stomach and to support the nervous system. They can help calm a busy mind, and help kids come back into the present moment, by creating a mindful practice. It gives us the opportunity to discuss what it means for ingredients to be fairly sourced and certified organic and also how beneficial each ingredient can be to our health. We have found that teatime in the evening has also contributed to our bedtime ritual with the kids, as it provides a moment to stop and reflect on the day, and what we are grateful for, before we prepare for sleep. This often leads to us easily avoiding any television or overstimulation and being able to all chat about the day around the kitchen table.

When we designed the Love Tea range, we intentionally developed each tea specifically for common conditions or areas of weakness through the body. By choosing the right tea for you, or for your child, it can work to naturally support a wide range of conditions. For example, for an upset stomach or nausea, we would recommend Digestive Tea, or Peppermint Tea. There is also a strong connection between the brain and the digestive system and this is often quite apparent in children. This reiterates the importance of supporting their nervous system, especially when they recognise a digestive issue. For nervous system support, we recommend Calming Tea, or Chamomile Tea. You can also substitute the after school snack for a warming, comforting Caffeine Free Chai, or Coconut Orange Tea, with their choice of milk or mylk.

What are the concerns with giving my kids tea?

The main concern when giving tea to kids is the caffeine content. Children are more likely to be affected by the caffeine content in black and green tea, mainly due to their size and low body weight. Consuming it can lead to insomnia and possible effects on heart rate and blood pressure. You can safely give the following Love Tea blends to your children and know that they are free from caffeine.

Which teas are safe for kids to drink?

Chamomile Tea
Coconut Orange Tea
Floral Love
Hibiscus Tea
Lemongrass Tea
Licorice Love Tea
Peppermint Tea
Rooibos Tea
Caffeine Free Chai
Dandelion Chai
Calming Tea
Digestive Tea
Immunity Tea
Turmeric tea

If you’re thinking about sharing tea with your children, we recommend starting with a really gentle blend, such as Calming Tea, Licorice love, or Chamomile Tea, and serving it warm, but never too hot. You may like to invest in a cute tea set, or perhaps gift a tea set to your child, to encourage this daily ritual.

Sharing tea opens up the space for the child to share with their parents, share what is on their mind, share how they are feeling, or simply share the space with you. When we allow our children the time just to sit with us, and simply enjoy each other’s company, although the focus may be on the tea, we create special memories and moments together. We hope that this helps you to share great tea with the ones you love.