An interview with Yoke Yoga instructor Kristiarne


We all agree that winter is a time for snuggling under blankets with hot cups of tea, but it’s also a great season to focus on your health and be conscious of how you are moving and honouring your body. We had a chat to yoga instructor Kristiarne Wilson and got all her best tips on becoming a yogi.

When did you begin your practice and what drew you to it?

I began my yoga practice when I was 19 years old. After injuring my back while I was training full time in dance I found myself not only struggling physically but also mentally. Through reading and recommendation from friends I came to realise that yoga addressed both the physical and mental layers of the body. Desperate for some help I turned up for a class with a local teacher that my parents had practiced with when I was a kid and after just one class, I was completely hooked.

What do you believe the benefits of yoga are?

I feel like I could answer this question for days… On a physical level, yoga helps us build and maintain flexibility, strength and stability, in a way that keeps the joints spacious and mobile for longevity. My all time favorite benefit is the way the attention to breath, physical postures and mindfulness techniques are used as tools to get to know ourselves better. They bring to the surface the qualities and habits that don’t serve us, as well as the aspects ourselves that do, helping us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their practice? Where should someone start?

Firstly, find out where your local studio/s is and jump into a class. Most studios will offer level one classes for beginners; try to get to as many of these as your timetable allows for. Teachers and studios love, and are always welcoming to new students, students with different injuries, flexibilities, strengths and weaknesses. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it caters for every shape and size. However you come is perfect!

What do you do to keep your body healthy during these colder months?

As the weather gets colder I love to eat lots of warm, slow cooked food like stews and soups. I always feel like my body thanks me particularly in the colder months for feeding it foods that have already started the digestive process. Physically, at this time of year, I love to embrace the heated space in my Vinyasa yoga practice. There is nothing more invigorating than getting outdoors and breathing in the crisp air on a typical winters day. Unquestionably winter is such an opportunity to slow down and take more “sacred pauses” where we can. For me it is a time to dive deeper into my meditation practice.

What is your tea of choice?

OHHHHH this is a tough one. Rooibos is my all time favourite, but my definitely enjoying Licorice Love at the moment!



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