Your pregnancy journey

Of all the wonder we discover in life, the journey of Motherhood is perhaps the most magical and the most precious gift we may ever experience.

Amidst all the wonder and excitement, pregnancy also comes with increased demands on the body, often requiring us to change the way we have been taking care of ourselves. We reach a point where we really need to listen to our body, perhaps for the first time ever for some of us, or it may just be a slight adjustment for others, by paying closer attention to the needs of the body as it changes. No matter where we are at, we can always learn to listen deeper and more holistically to the needs of our body.

Perhaps it is the enormous responsibility of taking care of the creation of another human being, that makes this time more important than any other, to really learn what it means to implement self-care. To truly nurture our body, mind and spirit and to prioritise our own health, over other, now less meaningful tasks.

As the pregnancy journey begins, daily routines may change and new practices may become more fitting. Yoga, meditation, walking and swimming, hold many benefits for the body, at a time when many other activities, may no longer feel appropriate. As each individual has a unique constitution and a very different state of health to any other, we need to learn to listen to our body, not to push too hard and demand too much of it, so as we can better support it throughout the pregnancy journey.

As changes take place to accommodate the growth of the baby, fatigue, restlessness and anxiety, can all begin to creep in and impact our state of wellbeing. We can support our mind and body through this part of the journey, by implementing more nourishing practices such as eating more wholesome, nutritious foods and avoiding foods high in refined sugar, which deplete the body of essential nutrients such as Zinc and Magnesium. If you are craving sweet foods, try looking for alternatives to these refined and heavily processed foods, such as dates, licorice, cacao, dark chocolate coated almonds, or carob, to name just a few wholesome sweet options.

Soaking in a bath of Epsom salts can also support magnesium absorption from the salts via the skin and support muscle pain relief. Taking time out to read, enjoy a cup of tea and soak in the bath is a soothing way to finish the day and give back to your body.

Massage, osteopathy and reiki are just a few of the many practical treatment options to support the more physical changes to the body. A regular gentle yin yoga practice may also help support and strengthen the muscles, while also helping to calm the mind. A meditation practice can also offer mindfulness and support healthy sleep cycles.

We offer a range of certified organic teas, which have been designed by our naturopath and made with care, to help support you on your pregnancy journey. This unique selection of organic, herbal blends have been thoughtfully designed, to offer an array of therapeutic support, focussing on both mother and baby during the firstsecond and third trimester, before labour, while breastfeeding and also to aid recovery after birth.

May you take great care of yourself and your family and listen to what your body truly needs most.