The Commons

An eco-system of entrepreneurs, businesses and curious minds all working together under a common roof.

The inspiration behind the idea

The goal for founders Cliff Ho and Tom Ye was to create a workspace where small business owners could share ideas and collaborate. But essential to this was creating a well-designed environment that puts people first and is conducive to creativity and growth.

What is unique about The Commons?

Human-centred design: after extensive research, they have created an environment that is catered to people’s various moods and needs.

Australian-owned and based: they have a thorough understanding of the Australian market and what their members need. All of their spaces were designed by local Australian architects.

Community focus: they have an extensive event program that supports their members and their business objectives as well as focuses on nurturing their community. They also have a renowned wellness program that includes on-site yoga, meditation, spin classes, standing desks, and more.

B Corp Certified: sustainability and environmental consciousness are part of the building blocks that make up The Commons, so they give members easy options to make sustainable decisions in their daily lives in all of their spaces including investing in carbon offsets and 100% renewable energy, actively working toward carbon neutrality, and working with locally-sourced suppliers.

Impact: they are are proud to sponsor great NFP and social enterprises such as The Global Women’s Project, Mi Vote, One Plate, Kua and Co Ground. To date, their scholarship program has contributed over $840,000 to organisations committed to changing the world.

“Partnering with Love Tea is a dream. The team are so lovely and easy to work with and our members LOVE their tea.”

– Jasmine, The Commons


What you might not know about them

A lot of their members are surprised to learn that The Commons are 100% Australian owned and based. Unlike a lot of their competitors who are based overseas, The Commons was born and raised in Australia.


What the future holds for The Commons

The Commons are excited to open a handful of new spaces in 2022 including two new Sydney locations, George Street and Surry Hills, as well as a new secret location opening mid year.

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Our partners

We make our products with a great deal of love and care and over the years we have found that the partners who benefit most from selling our products are those that not only clearly understand what we do, but also why we do it. They value our mission of sharing great quality tea and using business to improve the world we live in.

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