The Calile Hotel

The Calile Hotel focuses on the minutiae of every step involved in creating a product and experience that people will love. Located in Brisbane’s expanding James Street precinct, it is a must visit.

The inspiration behind the idea

The decision to build The Calile Hotel stemmed from a desire to see the James Street precinct expand further into a true lifestyle resort destination. The Malouf family wanted to create the finest urban resort hotel in Australia, to express a modern, cosmopolitan and innately Brisbane feel, and to appeal to both international, local and domestic travellers.

What is unique about The Calile Hotel?

It is one thing to build a hotel – but The Calile Hotel has built a brand that captures and reflects the essence of the hotel. It tells its history while also providing functional and delightful moments. From the coaster underneath your drinks, to the Love Tea you will enjoy in your room, every detail is accounted for and has had a great deal of thought and care put into it. Each room’s contemporary design takes inspiration from the Queensland environment and its natural elements.

What you might not know about them

The Calile Hotel was designed by leading architects Richards and Spence, who are recognised nationally and internationally for defining the look and feel of the entire James Street precinct. Aside from the expected in-room amenities and other facilities that guarantee guests an enjoyable stay, The Calile also boasts an award-winning restaurant, day spa, cocktail bar and fashion boutiques, transforming your experience into one that you will never forget.


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