Summer wellness

As we find ourselves in this limbo somewhere between racing to the end of one year and jumping deep into another, may we remember to take a moment to pause and check in with ourselves and one another. Are we exhausted, tired, stressed, in need of a change, or in need of replenishment, or are we feeling great and living in alignment? Are we listening to our true essence or forging onwards in line with the direction we have previously taken as that is all we know?

Sometimes it can feel unnecessary or self-indulgent to pause. It may even feel easier to dismiss this feeling, but there is also great potential to come out of the pause with a sense of rejuvenation, a refreshed mind and body, and possibly a new direction. It doesn’t necessarily have to be extensive time away, or a lengthy visit to a health retreat. Perhaps we can find the benefits of slowing down by implementing some small changes and a few new practices. As we also find ourselves at the end of another eventful year, we have put together our top 5 summer wellness tips, to help guide you through the summer season with love, laughter, health, and happiness.


1. Disconnect from technology

Have you taken notice of how much time is spent on your phone or on a device lately?
This is something we constantly wrestle with, especially being busy with work, social events and with little kids running around. But taking time out from any device allows space for more creative and productive thought to take place. It allows you to hear your inner voice that is often nudging you towards the right direction, if we can step into the present moment and simply listen.


2. Connect with the outdoors

It is at this time of year that we are given the opportunity to live more outdoors. To bathe in the warm sunlight and surround ourselves with nature. Throughout the colder months, we often become disconnected by spending more time indoors, in artificial heating, with doors closed off from the outside world. This can lead to imbalances and we can lose our connection to nature. With wildlife full of activity and more hours to get outside, a simple five minute walk can help us to deepen our connection with nature and appreciate our surrounds.


3. Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation help centre the mind and ground the body. Your practice is yours to own. There is no one size fits all and you can be guided by a teacher in a class or online, a book, or by your heart and intuition. It doesn’t have to start with a ten day silent retreat, or a course, it can simply begin by implementing a practice that resonates with you. Ten or fifteen minutes a day can help provide you with the time and space for gratitude and perspective and in doing so, you can help centre yourself.


4. Seasonal eating

Eating foods relevant to the season and listening to the rhythms of nature will naturally help guide us towards healthy wholesome foods, that are more nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich. Fresh fruits and salads offer hydrating and wholesome summer meal options. Fresh juices are a quick and easy choice for those that are time poor, or who may miss out on a rainbow of fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Juices are also an easy way to bring more greens into your diet and a simple opportunity to sneak loads of fresh fruit and vegetables in, especially for the little ones.


5. Exercise

Exercise holds so many benefits, from endorphin release to detoxification. It is an opportunity to spend time with a friend, or to go within and cherish some time alone. By taking advantage of the longer days and warmer weather through the summer months, exercising more outdoors holds the added benefit of increasing our vitamin D levels via exposure to sunlight.

May we make the best use of this time, stepping out into nature as much as possible, enjoying the sunshine and the fresh seasonal produce. May we take time out before we leap into the busyness of a new year, check in with our true essence, and step forward feeling refreshed and ready for a wonderful 2022.

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