Spring is a time of fresh starts

Spring is a time of rebirth, fresh starts, and new beginnings. Flowers bloom, seeds begin to sprout, and just like nature, we too can shed the old and welcome the new.

Our Founding Naturopath Emma Watson reflects on the season of rebirth below.


This new season is nature’s new year, and by connecting with Mother nature at this time, we can also embrace any new beginnings that we have been seeking. Clearing out that which no longer serves us and welcoming that which we most align with.

Coming out of winter, which has been a time of hibernation, less outdoor activity and slower movement, spring welcomes a fresh new beginning as we step out into the sunlight. Warmer days, greater creativity and clearing space for new opportunities. If you have been considering stepping forward with a new idea, no matter how large or small, spring is a wonderful time to embrace this.

Spring also offers the perfect conditions for a detox or a cleanse, which may be physical, but it can also be a detox in many other areas, including emotional, spiritual, or material. A detox doesn’t have to be about removal and avoidance, but perhaps more so about the shift of awareness towards a more holistic approach towards our health and lifestyle. An awareness of what is beneficial, and also what may no longer be needed. This new month invites the opportunity to change habits that have perhaps been formed through the colder months, with more time indoors.


A digital detox offers a period where we refrain from using digital devices, including phones and screens in general. It can provide the space for reflection and perspective on how much of our time is being spent in front of screens.


Without a break from devices, digital clutter can easily take a great deal of our time and mental capacity.

By detoxing or having a short break from devices, we help declutter our mind and free up space to think more clearly and often more deeply. By becoming very intentional with our use of devices, we can reduce the amount of time we spend on them and free up time to truly take care of ourselves and in turn, one another and our environment.

A technology detox doesn’t have to be the complete removal of all devices for a lengthy period of time, but perhaps an awareness and understanding of how much time we are spending on them and then a more mindful approach to switching off at certain times throughout the day or week.

It can be helpful to simply set times when we want to be on and off devices, providing a scheduled break from them, to avoid excessive stimulation. Sleep can be improved by avoiding the use of technology one hour before bed. So it may be helpful to set up a ritual before sleep, which involves reading a book, meditation, yoga or a warm bath and giving your body and mind a break. By changing your routine and creating a fresh new bedtime ritual, you allow your mind to switch off before sleep and ensure a more rejuvenating sleep cycle.

Spring also invites a time to give your body a break from the heavier foods which are often more prevalent through the cooler months and to embrace lighter, fresher wholefoods. Fatigue is quite common and can be contributed to by many things, but it is commonly seen when the body is working hard to detoxify. By supporting the elimination of toxins from the body, we increase vitality and support healing. We can do this by adjusting our diet and lifestyle, increasing exercise and becoming very mindful of what we do and don’t consume.

Our Detox tea and Liver Cleanse blends have been designed to help naturally support the clearance of toxins from the body. The herbs used in these blends provide support for the body through a cleanse or a detox. Spring invites fresh, plant-based whole foods that are grown locally – as close to their natural state as possible. By being mindful of this, we end up with a diet that consists of less processed and packaged foods, greater nutrient content and better health outcomes.

A physical or material detox can help clear the space for creativity and growth. This may look like detoxing household items that are no longer being used or shedding old layers of clothing that no longer feel aligned with where you are. It may be planting fresh produce in your garden or deep cleaning your home.

Whatever you choose to do, Spring offers the space to welcome something new and let go of the old. It is a time of growth and a fresh start. May you step into the sunshine and blossom with this new season.

With Love,
Emma xxx


Our naturopath has carefully selected this blend of organic herbs, to naturally support detoxification. Herbs used in this blend, including nettle leaf, dandelion and burdock, have traditionally been used to help support healthy function of the liver and kidneys, and aid the clearance of toxins. This is an earthy and grounding blend, offering grassy notes of nettle, with hints of sweet fennel and ginger.


Liver Cleanse

Our naturopath has carefully selected this blend of organic herbs, to support healthy liver function and aid detoxification. Ingredients including St Mary’s thistle, schizandra and dandelion, offer therapeutic qualities that have traditionally been used to repair and protect the cells of the liver, and aid the clearance of toxins. This blend offers a smooth, refreshing taste, with subtle hints of mint and hibiscus.


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