Spring Bay Mill

A sustainable business events venue revolving around an ambitious regeneration mission. They invite corporates, wedding-goers and school groups to host their events, retreats or camps onsite, offering a range of experiences to facilitate their connection to nature.

The inspiration behind the idea

Philanthropist Graeme Wood bought the site at Freestone Point, trayapana/Triabunna in 2011 with the main goal of ending old-growth logging in Southern Tasmania. Before then, the Triabunna Woodchip Mill could annually export up to 600,000 tons of wood chips. Graeme saw an opportunity for something more sustainable when the wood chip mill eventually became economically unviable. Partly due to its rich history, he saw the site as somewhere people could benefit from coming together.

What is unique about Spring Bay Mill?

At Spring Bay Mill, guests get to explore a microcosm of what they call an ideal world – a place where people and nature live cohesively with the environment around them. They get to escape the airconditioned office block for a rugged, invigorating experience in nature that boasts high-end business facilities. Being productive, getting inspired, team bonding and feeling refreshed are all enriching benefits to guests of Spring Bay Mill. They also offer eco-accommodation, guided tours and interactive experiences like bush foods tasting and tree planting that enhance inspiration and wonder, which are fascinating and entertaining, but also broaden perspectives.

What you might not know about them

They have planted over 20,000 plants onsite so far and work with local groups to extend this around the east coast of Tasmania. They have also been shortlisted for this year’s Tasmanian Tourism Awards in the business events category and for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Sustainability award.


What the future holds

They are looking forward to the inaugural Squid Festival, described by ABC as ‘Beaker Street Festival’s oceanic cousin’. For Squid Fest, they are partnering with Artology and The Australia Institute to bring three days of art, science, sustainability, food and drink in Triabunna and at Spring Bay Mill. All centered around the ocean and its most marvelous inhabitant, the squid. You can join them for this event from November 25-27.

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