First established in 2012 in Fitzroy – Rustica has now become one of the busiest bakeries in Melbourne.

How it started

Rustica was established in 2012 in Fitzroy by Founder and renowned Baker, Brenton Lang. It has become a staple for artisan breads and pastries baked using traditional sourdough techniques, and has quickly become one of the busiest and most well-renowned bakeries in Melbourne. With 4 locations across Melbourne, there is an array of opportunities to enjoy a cup of Love Tea, pastry or sandwich to take away. Or, sit down in an open, modern and beautiful café to enjoy the full experience of what is on offer.

What is unique about Rustica?

With a focus on supporting sustainable farming practices, each dish is made using fresh local produce from Spade & Barrow, Laucke flour and meat from local butchers Largo. From savoury croissants to delicious espresso tarts, everything at Rustica is prepared, baked or cooked on site, for the freshest pastries and bread imaginable. Their famous Sourdough Bread is produced using a slow fermentation process of 36-48 hours, offering one of the best breads you will find.

What you might not know about them

Rustica offer catering, which means you can get all of their menu options at home, the office or at an event. Working with local suppliers for wine, meat, vegetables and more, through to global brands, they wanted to be able to provide a function hire like no other, with fresh breads straight from the oven, pastries and desserts that are specifically designed for those events, and more.

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Our partners

We make our products with a great deal of love and care and over the years we have found that the partners who benefit most from selling our products are those that not only clearly understand what we do, but also why we do it. They value our mission of sharing great quality tea and using business to improve the world we live in.

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