Ross Farm

A unique opportunity to experience contemporary country living in a rural setting, situated on the edge of Meeniyan, one of Gippsland’s most progressive small towns.

The inspiration behind the idea

Ross Farm is a place to unwind and for contemplation. It’s about taking in the outlooks, the natural light falling into the space, the breeze through the window openings, the natural materials and textures, aroma from the timber, and the atmosphere. Each of their spaces has its own identity that is largely defined by a restrained materials palette. Although each space is different from the next, there is an underlying design language that flows through them all.

What is unique about Ross Farm?

The Cabin at Ross Farm was originally built in the 70’s and was the first part of the project to be completed in 2017. Planning for the Barn and Dairy began 2016, with construction beginning in 2017 and completed around September 2019. Considerate thought went into the design. Minimal additions, window openings and outlooks were designed with private views and separate access, so they could be used individually or all together.

What you might not know about them

The nature of the project at Ross Farm required the design to be resourceful, by applying somewhat ordinary materials in unique ways. The project is very honest and raw, everything that is added is considered, authentic and handcrafted. They designed and made as much as they could with local materials and utilised their combined skills in the timber and steel work as much as possible. From the steel doors, through to the furniture, kitchens, baths, basins, furniture, light fittings and hardware.


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