Paramount House Hotel

A hotel located in the former headquarters of Paramount Picture Studios; alongside co-tenants Golden Age Cinema, Paramount Coffee Project, The Office Space and Paramount Recreation Club.

The inspiration behind the idea

Originally built in 1940, Paramount House is a restoration of the former Paramount Pictures building in Surry Hills. The project was dreamt up by Reuben Hills’ Russel Beard, property investor Ping Jing Ng and Seven Seeds co-founder Mark Dundon. Their dream was brought to life by Melbourne-based Breathe Architecture.

What is unique about Paramount House Hotel?

Paramount House Hotel was once the offices of Paramount Picture Studios, and the home of Hollywood in Sydney. Today, it is home to a basement cinema and underground bar (Golden Age Cinema), chef Mat Lindsay’s wine bar (Poly), a rooftop health club (Paramount Recreation Club), a co-working space (The Office Space), and some of the very best coffee (Paramount Coffee Project by Reuben Hills).

What you might not know about them

There are five room types to choose from—Nook, Everyday, Sunny, Loft and, for those who want to indulge a little bit more, the Mack Daddy. Whether you want a sunny breakfast balcony, or a separate lounging space, Paramount House Hotel has something for everyone.

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