Origin Collections

A collection of five premium teas to be savoured by any true tea enthusiast.

Each tea is sourced directly from growers in Japan, Taiwan and China and then carefully hand-packed by us in Australia. Each with distinct growing conditions and production methods, these teas are some of the most revered and precious Camellia teas from around the world. Teas in this range can be steeped multiple times, presenting delicate variations in flavour with each steeping, creating beautiful moments to appreciate their unique qualities.


Shibushi, Kagoshima, Japan

Also known as Jade Dew tea, Gyokuro is produced entirely by hand and considered the most precious of all Japanese green teas. Gyokuro plantations are covered by shade for 3 weeks before harvest so most of the sun’s rays are covered from the leaves. This process ensures the plants release much more chlorophyll and amino acids than regular green tea. Gyokuro has a beautiful dark emerald appearance and offers a smooth, slightly buttery and subtly sweet vegetal taste profile.

Dragon Well

Zhejiang Province, China

Also known as Longjing, Dragon Well tea is one of the most prestigious varieties of green tea in Asia. Grown in the west lake area of Zhejiang province, China, this tea is harvested by hand in early spring each year. This lightly oxidized and delicate tea has a distinctive flat appearance from pan firing production methods. Light pale green in appearance, this beautiful tea offers a smooth and balanced flavour that is light, slightly sweet, buttery and vegetal.

Alishan Oolong

Alishan, Taiwan

Alishan is one of the most famous Oolong tea growing regions of Taiwan. Grown at an altitude of 1500m, the Alishan mountain range has rich soil and ideal climactic conditions for producing soft, flavourful tea leaves. Offering a slightly buttery, sweet and refreshing taste this tea is best enjoyed after meals or in the afternoon. Alishan can be brewed multiple times, presenting delicate variations with each steeping.

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Also known as Ruby Black tea, this beautiful variety of refined black tea is grown in the Sun Moon Lake region of Taiwan. Grown at an altitude of 700m and surrounded by mountains and lakes, this environment is perfect for growing unique and delicate black tea. Offering a natural musky flavour, well balanced body and subtle notes of cinnamon, this is an exceptional black tea sure to delight any tea enthusiast.

Silver Needle

Fujian Province, China

Silver Needle tea or Bai Hao Yin Zhen is a white tea grown and picked entirely by hand in the Hunan province of China. Harvested on just a handful of days per year, it is the most revered and expensive variety of white tea grown, with only the top downy buds used to produce the tea. Silver needles offer a very pure, subtle and superior flavour of white tea that can be steeped multiple times presenting delicate variations with each steeping.

“These are truly some of the most beautiful, delicate and pure camellia teas I have ever had” - Damien Amos, Founding Director

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