Now planting trees with every order

The best kind of growth – is the growth in trees.

We’ve been considering ways we can improve our environmental impact for some time. It is evident that there is still so much more that needs to be done to support our home planet. In addition to our continued commitments to 1% For The Planet, we are now proudly committed to planting one tree for every online order, through partnership with One Tree Planted.

“We know we’re not experts on this subject, but we know enough to care and we care enough to try.”

Damien Amos, Founding Director

Musings from Damien

Often when I’m driving along a highway I’ll notice so much vacant – cleared land and I wonder, given the current climate crisis, why there aren’t more trees planted in these sparse areas. I visualise what this would look like from up in space looking down – with all this cleared land versus if it was planted out with trees. I wonder how many trees would need to be planted before we could match how many we’re cutting down. I’ve thought this same thought for such a long time, that I realise it most probably won’t change unless we all come together and do something about it.

You don’t have to look very far to see the real impact of climate change. Whether its through flooding, fires, increasing temperatures, changing weather patterns, glacier melts or even as simple as changes locally through land clearing and development – as humans we are having huge negative impact on the planet.

But there are many ways we can also have a positive impact. As the good folks say at the Bob brown foundation “don’t get depressed, get active”


How can you help?

(1) Plant some trees
Get outside, get your hands dirty, connect with mother nature, with the natural world and plant some trees. You can find many affordable options for buying native seedlings or trees that you like. And if you can’t find the time, you can have someone else plant trees on your behalf. Fifteen Trees have A Subscription For The Planet Program and there are many others doing similar projects.

(2) Sign a petition, volunteer or make a donation
There are many great organisations that can easily direct you towards petitions and events to be involved in.
Some of our favourites include Bob Brown Foundation, Wilderness Society  and Rainforest Rescue
(3) Get active
There are some great events you can get involved in and become active in the community. From running through the beautiful takayna rainforest, taking part in the Piliga Ultra or the new Great Forest Trail or being more involved in the front line, there are a range of events that are a great way to become involved and also have a wonderful experience at the same time.

It is our hope that by planting more trees, we can improve biodiversity, reduce carbon, and ultimately reduce the impact we are making on our planet, not only as a business but as human beings.

From all the team at Love Tea,

Thank you so much for your support.