Lon Retreat

A luxury home hotel and spa located in Point Lonsdale, Australia – situated on 250 acres of rural and conservation land surrounded by ocean and lake. Lon Retreat offers its guests a chance to reconnect with the beauty of slow and simple living at their adults’ exclusive retreat.

The inspiration behind the idea

Lon Retreat owner Claire Gemes wanted to convert their family home into a destination where people can disconnect from the busyness of their everyday lives and reconnect to the beauty of simplicity that can be found in watching the ships go by, the clouds above, and the weather roll in.

What is unique about Lon Retreat?

There are only seven suites located over 250 acres of unique rural and conservation land, which has been held within the family for seven generations. Natural mineral springs run beneath the property, sourced from the underground limestone caves, and feed into the mineral pools, private bathing, and into the stone baths of two of the premium suites. Lon Retreat evokes a feeling of home, comfort and creates an environment to slow down and feel at peace.

What the future holds for Lon Retreat

There is plenty to be excited about at Lon Retreat. Their new ‘Not Going Anywhere’ Supper Box – a collaboration with Queenscliff General Store – showcases the talented makers and growers available on their doorstep. It is presented as a box of surprises to uncover and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your suite. They have also introduced Our Little Shop of Lon; a celebration of all that is local, stocking uniquely talented local creators and craftspeople.

Likewise, their Artists in Residence program sees new local artists adorning their walls every six weeks. Local artists wander the farm for 12-18 months for inspiration, with their works providing their own interpretation of Lon and the ‘slow down’ lifestyle.

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