Five things you may not know about Love Tea


Certified organic ingredients

At Love Tea we choose to use high quality, certified organic ingredients in our products. We believe organic ingredients taste better, are better for your health and are better for the environment. Our products are not grown with synthetic fertilisers or herbicides, have no hidden ingredients, and have no additives or artificial flavours. They simply contain pure and natural ingredients just as nature intended.

Organic ingredients serve our goal of designing products which support each individual on their journey to wellness, and ultimately help them become the best version of themselves. Our founding Naturopath, Emma Watson, continues to put an extensive amount of time, energy and care into researching the therapeutic efficacy of our unique products.



Made locally by us

Love Tea remains an independent, family run business. We skilfully craft, blend and pack each of our products in Victoria, Australia. We are a small group of dedicated folk who share the passion of making the world a better place. We are continuously progressing, evolving, improving, learning, and most importantly enjoying the journey we are all on together.


Fair trade ingredients

We choose to fairly source the majority of our ingredients directly from the growing communities and cooperatives who produce them. We pay additional premiums for the ingredients grown on fair trade farms, and we are continually learning how we can have a more meaningful and positive impact on the lives of growers and their families at origin. Our goal is to have every relevant component in our supply chain sourced as a fair trade minimum.


A commitment to sustainable packaging

There are a number of small operational choices we make each day that guide us towards having the very least amount of negative impact on the environment as possible. All Love Tea box packaging is made from post-consumer recycled cardboard, to reduce the amount of plantation timber utilised to make the stock. This also helps recycle the already abundant amount of cardboard produced in the world today. The clear pouch that holds our tea products (loose leaf and tea bags) is made from a plant based cellophane material called NatureFlex, while our pyramid tea bags are made from a GMO free biodegradable plant based material called Soilon. We also print on our boxes using vegetable based inks, to reduce the amount of harmful solvents used, which can often have unintended negative effects on the environment.

All of our packaging can be placed in a home compost post-use and will break down in a few months.


Our environmental responsibility

We truly love our home planet. We want to look after it and live harmoniously within it.

We believe we can be part of the positive change to look after our mother earth, by improving the way we conduct ourselves and our businesses while we’re here.

At Love Tea we are dedicated to donating 1% of annual revenues to a range of environmental organisations as part of our commitment to 1% for the Planet. We believe it is our environmental responsibility to reduce our negative impact on the environment and continue to offer our support to not-for-profit organisations who have a single motivation, which is to solve the environmental crisis for future generations.


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