A New Year

It is a new year.

As we begin this new year full of unknowns, hopes, fears and excitement, may we remain brave and dive in deep, embracing whatever comes our way, holding on tight to what matters most. 2020 taught us many things, but perhaps most paramount was that family and friends, our health and the health of our home planet, truly are the foundations to what matters most, and that our health is not to be taken for granted, but to be truly treasured and appreciated.

When we started Love Tea, it was with pure intention that we aimed to help people enhance their health and wellbeing, to become the best version of themselves and, to thrive even in challenging times. We wanted to inspire, educate and motivate individuals to take charge of their health and implement healthy and wholesome practices which could carry them in a more holistic direction. We believe tea offers an accessible and beautiful way to connect people with herbs, spices and of course tea. It can provide us with the opportunity to take more of a “prevention rather than cure” approach to our health.

This desire to help people improve their health is still at the core of our business today and is perhaps now more relevant than ever. As we step into this new year, a fresh start, a new beginning, may we continue to take great care of ourselves, our planet and all living beings. May we question before purchasing, may we seek healthier options and tread lightly on the earth. May we seek out opportunities to help others, offering support and positivity even when it may not seem needed. Whatever it may be that we choose to spend our time on earth doing, perhaps we should question the way in which we do it and ask ourselves, is there a more beneficial, less taxing, healthier direction towards the same outcome? May we use our time on earth wisely and carefully and let our children be a constant reminder that if not for us, we must do our very best to ensure they have a beautiful home, long after we are gone.

If nothing else comes from the fear that 2020 spread and the uncertainty that lingers, I hope that there is greater motivation than ever before, for each and every individual to take better care of themselves and their loved ones, to become more empowered and to seek greater knowledge around ways we can improve our health and the health of our planet. We look forward to sharing this years journey with you, whatever may come our way and to continue moving towards greater health and wellness for all.

With love,
Emma xxx