Sue Pryke White Teacup


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Product Description

This beautifully simple teacup made by Sue Pryke sits perfectly in your hand and is a great way to enjoy your favourite cup of tea.

Each piece is individually slip cast from a blend of porcelain clays and hand polished to give a smooth pebbly finish. The clay’s fired to a high temperature until it’s vitrified and no longer porous giving it a stone like quality.

As each piece is individually made there will be slight changes in each piece and slight colour variations, which is indicative of the material and the handmade processes.

Dishwasher and microwave safe


Height: 60mm
Diameter: 84mm
Holds: 220ml


Sue Pryke is a designer who perfectly illustrates the fact that design for mass production can be of a high quality and have warmth.
Sue Pryke’s designs are simple and pared down, they have an understated elegance that places them within the Super Normal design typology. Sue Prykes products are handmade in the UK.

available for orders between $1 - $2,000