Winter Wellness



It is important to pay attention to the change in seasons and allow ourselves the time to make the necessary changes to our diet and lifestyle, to ensure we remain in harmony with nature, working with it, and remaining connected to it.

There is a great stillness at this time of year, which allows space for us to turn inward, and listen to our true essence, embrace a slower pace and nurture ourselves. Just as the sun is reborn at the winter solstice, we too can focus on welcoming new beginnings. If there is something you have been considering changing, or a new project you have been contemplating, winter is a great time to focus on this and begin a new journey.

In terms of physical health, winter is a time for hibernating, for going within, slowing down and focussing on nurturing ourselves on a very basic level, through wholesome, nutrient dense foods and slow living.

Through winter, we often choose to remain indoors, which means we are in contact with others more frequently and for longer periods of time. We spend more time in cars and on public transport instead of commuting out in nature. The chance of being exposed to a virus or infection is therefore much greater, and unless we remain conscious of our eating habits, the immune system can be put under a great deal of pressure.

With cravings for more comfort foods which are less nutrient dense, and often less focus on antioxidant-rich foods and nutrient intake, we can often find our diets lacking in vital vitamins and minerals. This leads to weaker immunity, poor resilience, and to a greater risk of illness. This is often why we associate winter with poor health.

On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of protecting you from disease-causing microorganisms. But we need to support a balanced and harmonious state of health, for it to function at an optimum level. There are a number of ways you can strengthen your immune system, to ensure the greatest chance of good health and wellness this winter.


Diet is where we have the greatest opportunity to provide the body with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, to support the immune system. Eating a wholesome variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits, quality protein sources and whole grains, will ensure the body has access to an abundance of key nutrients to keep you strong and healthy. Some of these include Zinc, B vitamins, Vitamin C and Selenium.


Regular exercise is really important and often gets pushed to the side during winter. The gym is a great winter workout alternative to the outdoors, however by being exposed to the elements and getting outdoors to exercise, we offer our body a multitude of health benefits. Exercising outdoors helps you stay connected to Mother nature, stay grounded and provides your body with fresh oxygen. It also exposes the body to natural light, which is the best source of Vitamin D. Invest in thermals, warm clothing and a quality jacket, to ensure you are prepared and ready to embrace the outdoors through winter, to make sure it is as enjoyable as possible.

Swimming is another great indoor option, to offer a low impact workout, and finishing your swim with a sauna will help support lymphatic drainage, and detoxification.


Through the cooler seasons, it can be easy to forget about drinking water and staying hydrated. Many people don’t feel like a cold glass of water and would prefer a hot drink instead. This is where herbal tea offers a multitude of health benefits. Firstly, it is already warm, so the body doesn’t need to work hard to bring it to the appropriate temperature, which saves you energy. Secondly, when you drink herbal tea, you not only receive the benefit of hydrating your body, but you also gain the therapeutic benefit of the individual ingredients. We have selected the following blends to help carry you through winter, in great health.

Through this cool time of year, we need to look for herbs which have traditionally been used to increase circulation and strengthen the immune system.

Lemongrass and Ginger supports circulation and encourages the flow of nutrients, keeping your vital force strong, as we shift into a season that can lead to stagnation and poor circulation.

Turmeric tea and Golden spice are based on Turmeric which offers warming and grounding properties to support healthy circulation, digestion and vitality.

French Earl grey offers a gentle and uplifting way to start your day or a warming afternoon tea.

Immunity tea has been designed to help support healthy immune function and is perfect at this time of year. Herbs specifically selected for this blend including echinacea root, ginger and rose hip, have traditionally been used to support and modulate immune function and support circulation.

Any of the Chai tea blends are perfect through winter, as these herbs and spices help warm the body from within, support healthy circulation and aid digestive function.

Skin Glow is a wonderful addition to your diet this winter. Based on Calendula, Red clover and Burdock root, which have traditionally been used to help reduce inflammation, improve clearance of toxins and filter impurities from the skin and blood. This blend can offer support through the harsh winter climate and keep your skin hydrated at the same time.

Darjeeling offers a gentle pick me up through those cold winter afternoons, a light bodied, pale infusion, with a smooth, slightly musky and lingering floral finish.

If you would like to try a combination of the teas mentioned above, our winter seasonal subscription box commences in June. Signing up to this subscription sees a new gift box of seasonally based teas, carefully selected by me, sent to your door every quarter. Click here for more information.

Be mindful of what your body really needs this winter, keep warm and embrace this time of slow living.

With Love,