Spring Time is Tea Time..

Spring Time is Tea Time

Tea is a beautiful thing. If it isn’t yet a part of your life, I highly recommend you introduce yourself to a few blends that sound exciting to you. Tea is more than a coffee alternative. It is warming, cleansing and healing, and it is host to a wide variety of health benefits. The world of tea is full of options. Caffeine free, black, green, white, or red. Fruity and fun or calming and cool…whatever tickles your fancy, I guarantee there is a tea for you. If you haven’t yet explored the world of tea, now is a great time to start.

 There is no better time for a spring cleanse than now. Winter has come to an end and new buds are forming on the trees…its time for a new beginning. What better way to shake off your winter coat and begin a new journey than with a spring cleanse, from the inside out. The most successful spring cleanse is usually one that is simple, easy to follow and that doesn’t require a great deal of change to your lifestyle. A cleanse can be easy, enjoyable and as simple as drinking more water, adding an extra half hour of exercise to your week and incorporating a few cleansing herbs or teas into your diet.

At Love Chai Love Tea, our Naturopath has designed a range of exciting Naturopathic tisane blends. Each blend holds therapeutic benefits and can assist with a variety of health problems. With so many teas out there today, it is hard to know where to begin. So, we have selected some of the most beneficial teas to introduce you to, as we enter the new season of spring.

Love Tea DetoxDetox Organic Tisane

This is your number one cleansing tea. This blend is based on Dandelion root, which is one of the few herbs that are specific for supporting liver detoxification. It supports the body’s ability to eliminate toxins, chemicals and all the nasty’s, that we come in contact with each day. A subtle hint of ginger will increase circulation and warm you from your fingertips all the way down to your toes. A little licorice and fennel sweetens the taste naturally and offers support for your adrenal glands, which are so often depleted by stress. Nutrient rich Nettle leaf will offer your body a range of minerals including Magnesium and Iron. And last but not least, beautiful Burdock is cleansing and supports the elimination of toxins from the body. This tea is oh so cleansing, it will have you feeling healthier from the first sip!


Love Tea Skin Glowlove-chai-love-tea-skinglow-tisane

The name says it all. Beauty really does come from the inside and this blend of the finest herbs, supports the organs of elimination, leaving less work for the skin. By supporting the elimination of toxins, the skin is left with a lighter work load and therefore, looking cleaner and brighter. It’s caffeine free and jam-packed with nourishing “food” for your skin. Calendula, burdock and Echinacea offer skin support, while a hint of red clover focuses on hormonal regulation, which so often play havoc with our skin! A touch of spearmint offers a cooling and refreshing element to this blend…so sit back and soak up the goodness!



Love Tea Digestive

love-chai-love-tea-digestive-organicThe Digestion process is arguably the most important process of the human body. It regulates our energy levels and controls our body’s use of the essential nutrients we ingest.

The digestive system also works closely with the nervous system and the health of either one, will affect the other. This tasty blend focuses on herbs which support the digestive function, including peppermint, chamomile and ginger. Aniseed, fennel and licorice can support digestive function and they bring a little sweetness to the blend. Lemon balm and chamomile support Nervous system function and have traditionally been used for digestive support. Caffeine-free, certified organic, and full of goodness…what more could you ask for?

There are no quick fixes to disease or states of ill health. However if you would like to improve an aspect of your health, preventative and holistic changes can make the world of difference. Tea is easy to consume daily, there are many varieties (so you wont get board) and it is a beautiful and often social ritual to begin daily. Now is the time for something new, fresh and exciting, so pour yourself a cuppa and soak up the goodness…happy tea drinking!

Written by Love Chai Love Tea  Naturopath Emma Jane.