Nervous System Wisdoms

“The true measure of success is a calm nervous system.”

Overcoming Overwhelm Meditation

We are pleased to share an exclusive meditation for our Love Tea community alongside psychologist Kobie Allison, the founder of @modernminds. Mediation is an enriching lifelong practice that can offer support during episodes of acute overwhelm and soothe a frayed nervous system. This 5-minute reset exercise has been designed to ground and comfort, returning you to a sense of safety and self-love. Kindly note that you can download the meditation by clicking on the bottom right side of the video. 

Regulating your nervous system

Life will always present us with stress, but this need not overwhelm us. There are a number of ways in which we can support our nervous system to manage the demands of modern life, grounding us and guiding us towards greater balance.

1. Herbal support
Our newest blend is based on herbs with adaptogenic properties, including Withania, Siberian ginseng, schizandra and Astragalus, which have traditionally been used to help one adapt to stress by modulating the release of stress hormones and supporting the nervous system.

2. Reducing caffeine
Hydration supports optimal nerve function and herbal blends offer a beautiful way to hydrate the body during winter months while maintaining the ceremony of a warm drink.  Alternatively, chai and matcha offer a gentle way to enjoy the uplifting effects of caffeine in a more moderated way with a slower release.

3. Mindfulness and movement
Meditation and deep breathing exercises, as does physical activity, have incredible benefits and shouldn’t be neglected during the cooler months. You can discover our free five-minute meditation below.

4. Sleep
Particularly in the winter months, when the shorter days encourage earlier bedtimes and we naturally feel called to rest. It’s time to give back to your body and embrace the slower season.

Natural Nervous System Support

Adaptogen Tea